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  • December 28, 2016

Message from the Ambassador

Dear Cameroonians people,
I am Okamura, the Ambassador of Japan in Cameroon. I would like to look back the past twelve months of 2016 briefly, taking the occasion of the end of year.
First, in January 2016, the Japanese Embassy organized a Japanese cultural festival at the “Institut Français du Cameroun” in Yaounde. Among the programs, we had a very impressive demonstration of Aikido, one of the martial arts of Japan, made by Mr. Fujita – Minister Counselor of the Embassy and also a master of Aikido – and his team. Then a showing of “Swing Girls”, a Japanese film subtitled in French. Cameroonian audience have fully understood the typical behaviors of the young protagonists who are Japanese high school students. Since the Cameroonian and Japanese audience have been laughing and worried at the same scene, I believe that the Cameroonians and the Japanese have shared the same feeling as the protagonists. The height of the programs was a concert of manga music given by the JOCV (Japan Overseas Cooperation volunteers) disguised as manga heroes. The theater was covered with the choruses of the songs of “Dragon ball” and “Naruto”. That was really lively. The applause did not cease and the spectators were long exalted. I would especially like to thank the JOCV for this great success.
Second, I would like to mention the holding of “TICAD VI” in August in Nairobi, Kenya, in which the Cameroonian Minister of MINREX participated. Japan and African countries discussed the three issues ; (1) Promoting structural economic transformation through the high Quality infrastructure for development, (2) Promoting of universal health coverage (UHC) which will contribute to strengthening preparedness for public health emergencies, revealed to be fragile during the epidemic of the Ebola virus, (3) Promoting social stability for shared prosperity to fight against terrorism and violent extremism. In addition to these three topics, the importance of the role of the private sector in economic development was also noted. In this regard, I wish that more Japanese companies come to settle in Cameroon.
Lastly, I can say that the cooperation between our two countries is still very fruitful. Among other things, the rice growing project is currently in the second stage. In addition to rainfed rice, we also grow irrigated rice, introduce small-scale agricultural machinery and work in the value chain. We will be able to eat delicious rice soon, the fruit of cooperation between Japan and Cameroon. In the area of SMEs, the outcome of the KAIZEN project in Yaounde and Douala exceeds our expectations. I visited a few SMEs and found that KAIZEN is practiced satisfactorily. This is a great pleasure. About KAIZEN, there’s a song too cool, you can listen to it here.
As we approach 2017, I hope that the world will be safe and peaceful, that poverty will disappear and that the friendly relations between Japan and Cameroon will be further strengthened in 2017! By the way, the cooperation in the field of women’s football which I take the initiative will have various advances. Do not miss it
My best wishes to all of you for the year 2017 !

December 2016
Ambassador of Japan in Cameroon
  • December 6, 2016

Reception on the occasion of the anniversary of His Majesty the Emperor of Japan

The reception on the occasion of the anniversary of His Majesty the Emperor of Japan was held on Tuesday December 06, 2016, at the residence of the Ambassador in the presence of about 200 guests. H.E.M. Kunio OKAMURA in his speech mentioned TICAD VI held in Africa for the first time last August, praised the efforts of the Cameroonian Government for humanitarian assistance to refugees and internal deplaced person in Cameroon. He also mentioned the Japanese Government Scholarship and ABE Initiative including a Master degree training at a University in Japan and an internship in a Japanese company. On site, there were exposures of cars and equipements manufactured by Japanese companies, Japanese rice, and the presentation of Japanese food and sakes (Japanese rice wine). The guests enjoyed various aspects of the japanese culture.

  • August 1 2016


The Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD VI) will be held from the 27th August to the 28th August 2016 in Nairobi, Kenya. Please refer to the official page of the Ministry of the Foreign Affaires for further information.

  • June 30 2016

Relief Money in Response to the Earthquake Centered in the Kumamoto Region of Kumamoto Prefecture 2016

Following the Earthquake Centered in the Kumamoto Region of Kumamoto Prefecture 2016, the Government of Japan decided to accept relief money from foreign governments, foreign individuals, companies and Japanese residents abroad, in the following manner:

  • *The duration of the acceptance of donations has been extended until 31st March 2017.

    1. Information regarding Account of Embassy of Japan in Cameroon for Relief Money
    (1)The Embassy of Japan in Cameroon has opened the following account to accept relief money.
    (note) The relief money received by the Embassy of Japan in Cameroon will be sent to the account of the Government of Japan later.
    (note2)After relief money is received by the Embassy of Japan in Cameroon and sent to the account of the Government of Japan, the money will be delivered to the affected people through local governments.
    【Account information】
    CODE BANQUE : 10002
    CODE GUICHET : 00069
    NUMERO DE COMPTE : 90000467057
    CLE RIB : 52
    CODE IBAN : CM21 10002 000699000046705752
    (2) If you wish to obtain a receipt, please send an email to info@yd.mofa.go.jp that contains the following:
    1. Subject: Request for Receipt
    2. Your name
    3. The amount of the relief money
    4. The date when the relief money was donated
    5. The name of the bank from which the relief money was transferred

    2. Japanese Red Cross Society Account Information
    Acceptance of relief money by The Japanese Red Cross Society has been closed. Thank you for your cooporation.

    3. Relief Money Acceptance Account by Local Governments of the Affected Area
    Local governments of the affected area have also opened accounts to accept donations. Please check websites of each local governments for more information. If you wish to see the information of the account opened by Kumamoto Prefecture, which is one of the most severely affected areas, please check the following website. The Government of Japan has extended the duration for accepting donations.

Call for 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake Donations.
  • June 16 2016

Videos on Japan's Foreign Policy

The 7 new videos about Japan’s Foreign Policy have been produced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ;
1 The Rules of Law at Sea
2 Japan’s support for the Creation of a Disaster-Resilient World : Disaster Risk Reduction
3 Proactive Contribution to Peace and Legislation for Peace and Security
4 Development Cooperation : Training people to build a better future
5 Japan and the United Nations : For World Peace and Prosperity
6 Japan’s Support to the Middle East
7 Pursuing a Forward-Looking Relationship between Japanand the Republic of Korea (2016 Version)
Please click here to watch the videos.

  • June 15 2016

The Tenth International MANGA Award

This Award was established in May 2007 upon the initiative of then-Minister for Foreign Affairs with the aim of awarding MANGA creators who contribute to the spread of the Japanese pop culture and to promote the understanding of Japan. The Embassy accepts application until Tuesday, June 28, 2016.The files for the application form and the regulation are downloadable on the site of the International MANGA Award.

  • May 3 2016

Japanese Government (Monbukagakusho:MEXT) Scholarship for 2017 for Cameroonian

Three categories of scholarships are offered by the Japanese Government for Cameroonian nationals: "Research students" "Undergraduate students" and "College of Technology students". The deadline for submitting application is Friday 17th June 2016. Please check our official webpage for detailed information and download the forms.

  • April 27 2016

The holiday : 2nd May

Monday 2nd April is the makeup holiday for May Day. Our Embassy will be closed.

  • March 23 2016

The signing ceremony for the Grassroots Human Security Grant Contract for the Japanese 2015 fiscal year

The signing ceremony for the Grassroots Human Security Grant Contract for the Japanese 2015 fiscal year, for the project of the construction and the equipment of the public elementary school in Assala 1-Bounkolo was held on 16th March in the presence of Mr. OLOUME Ernest, the delegate of Bokito Council and H.E.M. Kunio OKAMURA, Japanese Ambassador. Japan supports the efforts for the improvement of the educational environment at the Assala 1 village. Please refer to the Press release.

  • January 29 2016

The signing ceremony for the Grassroots Human Security Grant Contract for the Japanese 2015 fiscal year

The signing ceremony for the Grassroots Human Security Grant Contract for the Japanese 2015 fiscal year of 94 million franc CFA, for the establishment of a Water Purification unit at Endama I was held at the Embassy of Japan in Yaoundé, on Friday, 29th January in the presence of the Delegate of FADESE, Mrs. Biloa Manga Bilogo Adeline, and the Ambassador of Japan, H.E. Kunio OKAMURA, and other members of the GIC (Groupe d’Initiative Commune). Japan supports the efforts of the GIC FADESE in supply of the drinking water for all inhabitants of Endama I. Please refer to the Joint Press Release.

  • January 23 2016

Japanese cultural day

The Japanese cultural day was held on Saturday January 23, at the Institut Français in Yaoundé organized by the Japanese Embassy in collaboration with JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency). The audience experienced an atmosphere of Japan, through the demonstration of Aikido, Japanese martial art by Mr.Fujita, the Minister Counsellor of the Embassy, and his team, the Japanese film “Swing Girls”, putting on the Japanese traditional attire ; Yukata, and also the Japanese music concert by the JICA volunteers and their team. We felt that the day was a great success given that across section of the audience sang along the artists the songs of the cartoon.

  • January 15 2016

Japanese culture festival : 23rd January

Nihon saï (Japanese culture festival) will be held on Saturday 23rd January at the Institut Français in Yaounde from 14:00. For further information, please click here (officiel facebook page).